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  • What is required for installing of the water purifier?
    It'll be best recommended to place the water purifier within 3 meters near the water point such as under the sink, washing machine tap or a hand wash basin. With that our technicians will be able to drill cabinets and countertop with a small 1cm/10mm diameter hole for the water tubing. It'll also be required to have a power point socket within 1 meter of the water purifier. The best location would be near the water and power supply. Our experienced technicians will advise on the location during installation and provide the best solution.
  • Does the OMEGA Tankless water purifier need both inlet/outlet?
    Yes both inlet and outlet is required for the tankless water purifier. The outlet discharges very little water as the system has self cleaning technology to drain out remaining water when not used for sometime, this ensure that you're always dispensing fresh purified water.
  • My counter top material is Quartz or Marble, can you drill it?
    Yes, our technicians will be able to drill most types of countertops such as quartz, granite, marble, kompacplus/kompactop, solid surface or wood. We will use a stone grinding drill bit to make a hole on your countertop without causing any cracks.
  • Do I need to manually refill water?
    The AlphaLife Omega Tankless Water Dispenser is a tankless system and does not require any manual top up. It draws the water directly from your water supply and automatically fills up the purifier. Thus no maintenance is required which makes it hassle free and safe to drink for everyone.
  • What are the internal parts made of?
    It is made of stainless steel which makes it hygienic and safe to drink.
  • Is there a tank for the cold water?
    The water passes through a heating and cooling module. For the cold water in particular there is a series of loops that the water passes through. This series of winding loops are pre-cooled to sub zero temperature thus when the water passes through it reaches the ice cold fridge temperature of 4ºC to 7ºC.
  • What are the differences between tank and tankless water purifiers?
    Tank system Mature Technology; more than 20 years Simple and user friendly system Direct piped in (auto refill) Has tank storage for hot/cold water kept ready to dispense Stable fast flow Limited water temperature options No water outlet required More bulky design Tankless system Newer technology using semiconductor chip Direct piped in (auto refill) Hot and cold water are made instantly on demand Slower flow Has variable water temperature options Space saving design Require a water outlet More features on machine such as volume control, UV sterilisation, etc A tank water purifier that provides hot or cold water will have stainless steel tanks that can contain 1.5L for hot and 3L to 4L for cold water. If not maintained or cleaned regularly this tanks will cause bacteria growth to occur. Scale & grime can build up in your tanks over time. Downside to this will be reduce in quality of your drinking water. A tankless water purifier will have no bulky water storage tanks. Thus saving you space on your countertop as well as saving you the hassle of cleaning and maintaining your water purifier. Raw water from your main supply is filtered through a series of 4 stage filters and UV sterilisation before passing through the heating and cooling module that provides you cold, ambient, warm and hot water.
  • Where can I view the product physically?
    Our showroom is at the following address 😊 69 Ubi Road 1 Oxley bizhub 1 #09-29 Singapore 408731 (Lobby 3) Look out for Blue pillars if coming from basement. Currently due to ongoing covid restrictions and maintaining social distancing, our showroom will be on appointment basis For appointment time slot it is from 10am-8pm, subjected to slot availability 👍🏻
  • What is the power consumption of the water purifier?
    Generally for the power consumption, the machine is designed to be energy saving and has a standby mode built inside. It would remain on low power mode when the machine is not dispensing any water (standby mode). In the testing by my technical team, the estimated power consumption monthly is less than $5 based on household average usage of 3-4 people.
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